Comprehensive Solution For Steam And Heat System

Thermostatic film box Steam Trap

Steam trap is a device that can automatically remove non-condensable gases such as steam condensed water and air in heating equipment or steam pipes, with no steam leak.

Thermostatic (film box) steam traps are widely used in heat tracing pipelines and equipment with small displacement and low temperature requirements due to its small size, large subcooling, good energy saving effect, and low temperature resistance.

The technical advantages of VMV traps are: unique and reasonable structure and high-precision internals!

High Strength Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel SS304 has beautiful appearance and good performance.

Integrated Filtration Design

Effectively prevent pipeline impurities from entering the valve to ensure the proper operation of the trap.

Suitable For Clean Pipes

All internal parts are made of 304 stainless steel, suitable for food, medicine and other industries.

Large Subcooling Film Box Module

The subcooling degree of the Thermostatic (film box) trap is 15℃ to remove the condensed water below the saturation temperature, and the energy saving is effective.

Structural Features

VMV Film Box Trap valve body and valve cover adopt 304, which can be applied in clean environment, such as medical, sanitation, food and other industries. The Film Box is stainless steel, and the condensate discharge temperature is 15-20℃. The Film Box Trap adopts a face-sealed closing system, which is noiseless, with good air exhaust ability, and makes full use of the sensible heat of condensate, and energy-saving effective.

The Film Box trap relies on the temperature difference between steam and condensate to work. When the condensed water in the pipeline stays in the pipeline due to excessively high temperature, when the temperature of the heat to be released decreases, the diaphragm in the Film Box moves to open the valve seat to discharge the condensed water. The Film Box trap can be used as an air exhaust valve.

The body material of the Film Box Steam Trap is 304, the Film Box and other internal parts are made of stainless steel, and the inlet is equipped with a filter device.

  • ● Nominal pressure: PN25;
  • ● Maximum allowable temperature: 400°C;
  • ● Maximum working pressure: 1.6MPa;
  • ● Maximum working temperature: 400℃;
  • ● Connection method: threaded RC or flange (GB/T9115.1—2000; HG/T20615-2009; HG/T20592-2009,

Selection and Installation of Film Box Steam Trap

The bellows trap continuously drains, and the normal factory product SKT16 discharges a supercooling degree of 15-20℃. If there is a supercooling degree, please indicate it when ordering. The back pressure rate of the bellows trap can reach 50% (back-end pipeline pressure/steam pressure), which is not suitable for closed recovery systems, but is suitable for pipelines and heating systems to remove condensate. In general, the safety factor is 2-3 times.

Special reminder: The condensed water volume and pressure difference of steam equipment are important indicators for selection. The displacement of the same type of trap increases with the increase of pressure difference. Please check the displacement curve in detail. Please don't mistake it for a large diameter trap.

The Film Box Steam Trap can be installed at any position and arbitrarily in the pipeline or equipment. The basic configuration of the trap is shown in the figure above.