Comprehensive Solution For Steam And Heat System

Research Development

VMV Newton designs targeted products, systems and services according to the specific needs of process applications, and provide the most suitable program support for different processes. Advanced steam system dynamic test device, fully automatic 5-axis machining center, NB-IOT intelligent manufacturing cloud platform, and self-supplied supply chain system are all guaranteeing that VMV Newton’s products and services are the best you can find.

The inverted bucket trap adopts a leak-free U-shaped structure design and a flexible closing system, and is equipped with a built-in check valve. The U-shaped flow channel design ensures that the inside of the valve body is in a water-sealed state, and there is no original steam leakage; the micron-level high-precision valve seat and valve core ensure the reliability of the closing system; the built-in check valve can prevent water hammer from damaging the internal parts.
The lever float steam trap adopts a unique flexible closing system, which solves the problems of short life and lax closing. In the design, factors such as shell strength and pressure temperature grade, casting process, flow channel and impact caused by water vapor mixing were fully considered.
The thermodynamic trap valve seat and valve plate are unique heat treatment of martensitic stainless steel. According to different working conditions, it can provide two kinds of condensate removal solutions for low temperature and saturated condensate.
The thermostatic trap shell is made of A105 material. The designer fully considers the corrosion allowance, minimum shell wall thickness, pressure and temperature grade, and adopts American imported bimetal to ensure the specific bending value and the adjustable temperature structure to accurately control the temperature. The Film box steam trap body adopts 304 stainless steel, which can be used in clean environments such as medical and health, food, etc. The condensate discharge temperature is 15-20 degrees Celsius, no noise during operation and good energy saving performance.