Comprehensive Solution For Steam And Heat System

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do we choose a Steam Trap?

There are three type of Steam traps: thermal static type, thermal dynamic type, mechanical type. If you want to choose a right one, you need to consider following points:
1) The type of Steam Trap should be decided according to the heat exchange equipment.
2) Select a steam trap that meets the equipment pressure, temperature and material requirements.
3) Select a Steam trap according to the pressure difference and displacement.

2.What is white smoke? How to eliminate it?

The white smoke emitted is condensed water flash steam or leaked steam, but visually it feels like a large amount of "white smoke" is emitted. To eliminate the white smoke in the production system, the key is to choose a matching trap to avoid steam leakage. After the condensate is discharged, a closed condensate recovery system should be used to recover the condensate to avoid "white smoke".

3.How to recover steam condensate?

To recover the steam condensate of the whole plant, it is necessary to systematically design heat exchange equipment, steam traps, and condensate pipe network, and then comprehensively optimize the condensate closed recovery unit to increase the condensate recovery rate to more than 90%.

4.What can a steam trap do for steam pipe system?

The steam trap can quickly remove condensate, prevent steam leakage, remove air and other non-condensable gases to protect the steam pipeline and improve the efficiency of the steam system.