Comprehensive Solution For Steam And Heat System


Petrochemical Industry

Steam and hot water are important media for many processes in the petrochemical industry. They are used from mining and upstream production to downstream processing and raw material processing in other related industries.
With the increasingly fierce competition in the petrochemical industry, companies hope to produce refined oil and raw materials with competitive prices. At the same time, the petrochemical industry has to be under tremendous pressure to meet the growing regulatory requirements for reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and reducing water consumption. the amount. VMV understands your needs very well. For a typical refinery whose steam consumption accounts for about 50% of the total energy consumption, we can provide assistance in the following aspects:
Improve process efficiency and reliability
Energy recovery (condensate, heat)
Our comprehensive product line can meet most of the needs of the petrochemical industry, such as compact traps for quick installation, steam and condensate collection and distribution pipes, and large heat exchangers, pumps and flow meters.

Pharmaceutical industry

We can help with:
Process control
Reliable process and good quality
Reduce product scrap rate
Reduce downtime and equipment replacement time
Energy recovery
Our products and solutions are guaranteed to meet the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Sugar Refinery

VMV can provide products and services for many stages of beet and sucrose production, including juice heating, diffusion, evaporation, crystallization, syrup cooking and drying.
Our technical experts can provide you with professional opinions and products, and support you in various thermal energy fields, such as:
Production of hot water
Condensate drain
Heat recovery
Flow and pressure control
Air treatment

Paper Industry

In the papermaking process, from the large-scale production of chemical market pulp to the creation of high-quality coating materials, steam plays an important role in many different stages of the papermaking industry.
We have also developed an innovative condensate drainage layout for corrugated paper machines, which has greatly improved production efficiency and product quality for more and more manufacturers.
Through our expertise in the processes involved in steam, we have been able to help papermakers:
Increase the output of existing machines
Reduce energy consumption
Recover more energy
Improve process efficiency and product quality
Reduce maintenance costs

Food and beverage industry

Steam is used in many food industry processes from preparation and processing to preservation and packaging.Processes such as scalding, peeling, cooking, distillation, evaporation, pasteurization, dehydration, CIP, and packaging.
Increase production capacity.
Improve process reliability and reduce downtime.
Improve product quality and reduce scrap rate.
Reduce energy consumption.
Heat recovery.