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How a steam system saves energy

How a steam system saves energy

In the field of industrial steam system, it is divided into five systems, 

namely, water vapor separation dry steam system, temperature reduction and pressure reduction system, exhaust air system, 

condensate water drainage system, and condensate water closed recovery flash evaporation system.

The steam energy saving rates of these five systems are as follows:
The energy saving rate of water vapor separation dry steam system is 3%-6%
Desuperheating and decompression system at 5%-10
Exhaust air system at 3%-5%
Condensate drainage system at 3%-8%
Condensed water closed recovery
Flash system at 8%-16%

If the above five systems are comprehensively transformed, the steam energy saving rate of up to 45% can be achieved, 
which is very beneficial for steam users to reduce steam consumption costs and improve their market competitiveness. 
Rising gas costs and energy constraints.

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