Comprehensive Solution For Steam And Heat System

How to choose energy-saving equipment under different working conditions

How to choose energy-saving equipment under different working conditions

Different steam energy-saving equipment is used according to different stages of steam generation, transmission, use, recovery of spent steam or low-quality steam.

1. A water vapor separation dry steam system is installed at the outlet of the steam boiler, which can improve the quality and calorific value of the steam.

2. When the steam is transported in the pipeline, it should be transported in accordance with the principles of high-pressure superheating and low-pressure saturated use. 

At the same time, it should be well insulated. For long-distance transportation, a water collection point should be installed and a condensate drain system should be installed to quickly discharge the condensate generated by heat loss.

3. Steam-using equipment should use saturated steam as much as possible, which is conducive to the safe production of equipment, and heat pump ejector can be used to improve steam quality for spent steam or low-quality steam.

4. The high-temperature condensate discharged can be recovered by the closed condensate recovery flash evaporation system.

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