Comprehensive Solution For Steam And Heat System

Newton’s Semi-annual Marketing Conference in 2020

----- Forging core strength to develop new potential markets
On July 18, Newton's 2020 semi-annual marketing conference was successfully held. The theme of this conference is "Forging core strength to develop new potential markets", aiming to unify thinking, condense the spirit, stimulate power, and develop the market more actively and passionately as an entrepreneur, especially to provide the overall steam system solution, fully to expand the steam trap market, and making high-quality trap products a new profit growth for Newton.

As a new arrival of the Newton steam products, the steam trap plays a very important role in providing the overall solution of the steam system and the company's strategic planning. It is also one of the highlights of this conference for our sales to expand the steam trap market in a more proactive manner. Therefore, our General Manager Chen Gaiyong, who is in charge of the steam trap business also attend the metting and systematically explained the knowledge of steam traps and the market conditions of steam system products from a professional perspective. This is very important for everyone to understand the steam trap products and better develop the steam system market .

Later, the sales also made their own summary of their sales work in the first half of the year. Each of them analyzed the deficiencies in their work detailedly in the first half of the year, and made clear plans for the key tasks in the second half of the year. Reversed and decomposed the unfinished goals of the year, clarified the completion time of each work plan, and made detailed plans for self-improvement.

If there’s a name for a miracle , it must be called "effort". The GM of the company, Mr. Eric Chen used this sentence as the concluding remarks of the meeting to encourage everyone to stick to their dreams, keep an eye on their goals, act bravely, and take practical actions to achieve the annual business goals.