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Steam Trap Selection: How Application Affects Selection

Steam Trap Selection: How Application Affects Selection

Given the large variety of steam traps and their operating characteristics, users may encounter some difficulty when trying to select the correct trap to most effectively drain condensate from their steam applications.

Key trap selection considerations should include pressure and temperature ratings, discharge capacity, trap type, body material, and many other relevant factors. 

While it may seem daunting at first, this process can generally be separated into four easy-to-understand steps:

Step 1:
Determine discharge requirements of the steam trap application (e.g. hot or subcooled discharge), and select the matching trap type.

Step 2:
Select trap model according to operating pressure, temperature, orientation, and any other relevant conditions.

Step 3:
Calculate application load requirements and apply the trap manufacturer’s recommended safety factor.

Step 4:
Base the final trap selection on lowest Life Cycle Cost .