Comprehensive Solution For Steam And Heat System

VMV Newton Pump Steam Trap

VMV condensate recovery pump (pump trap)

Features and Brenefits

*With automatic control, no cavitation,no need for extra power,simple maintenance.

*No need for electricity, water hammer resistance, large displacement, explosion-proof, no noise.

*Convenient Replacement and Maintenance just need open the valve cover at a glance no need removing the pipe connection.

*The valve seat and valve core are made of stainless steel, and theclosing pair adopts flexible closing system with small wear

*High strength corrosion resistance high temperature resitance alloy spring is used for long-term stable.
*Widely used in the transportation of condensate in steam system.

Selection conditions of pump trap

1. Condensate deliverycapacitykg/ h 

2. Back pessure (head of delivery) MPa 5. inlet Nominal Diameter DN
3. Power steam (air)

4. Power steam (air) pressure MPa

5. inlet Nominal Diameter DN
6. Outlet Nominal Diameter DN

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