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What is the difference between original steam and flash steam?

What is the difference between original steam and flash steam?

1. Look at the color

The original steam is generally colorless. When a leak occurs, these colorless gases will be colorless at the leak, and only turn white when the distance is farther away, and have a faster speed.
But if the resulting gas appears to be slow and white steam is visible at the outlet of the pipe, it may be flash steam.

2. Look at the temperature

The boiling point of water at atmospheric pressure is 100°C, so the temperature of the flash steam when the condensed water is discharged out of the pipe is 100°C, but since the flash steam is generated, it will release heat to the outside environment.
Therefore, the flash steam temperature at the outlet of the condensate pipe will be lower than 100°C, generally around 90°C. And if it is leaking steam, the outlet temperature of the pipeline must be higher than 100 ℃.

3. Watch the stress

The pressure of the generated flash steam is very low, which is equivalent to normal pressure, and the steam rushing distance is very short, and a large white smoke will be generated as soon as the steam exits the pipe outlet. When the steam leaks, the pipeline pressure is high, the distance of the steam will be very long, and there will be a lot of noise.